Wednesday, 2 December 2015

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne

How to Choose The Perfect Carpet Cleaner 

Throughout my career of 15 years in this industry I have worked as a certified and licensed carpet cleaner. I have seen many people get confused while choosing the right carpet cleaner for their carpets. As the market is flooded with numerous carpet cleaners it is difficult to differentiate between a genuine professional carpet cleaner and a pseudo cleaner that has no knowledge of cleaning. 

I have seen people focusing mainly on the Price of the service. However, when looking for the best carpet cleaner the price should be last on your list. Carpets are an expensive investment and you don’t want your precious carpets to go in the hands of amateur cleaners. So don’t fall for cheap quotes! 
The Five Basic Questions one must ask before choosing a carpet cleaner are: 
  1. Are you insured?
  2. Do you provide any written guarantee for carpet cleaning?
  3. Can you show me license and certificates for your technicians?
  4. Do you have membership of any association? 
  5. Why should I hire you? 
You might get impressive answers to all these questions but don’t get impressed too soon. Check for written proofs to believe what you are told about any such details.

Do you wish to know which carpet cleaner would I recommend according to my personal knowledge and experience? I recommend VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne because  they are highly professional and have friendly staff that make carpet cleaning a pleasant experience. 

P.S. As a former licensed carpet cleaner I recommend VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne to enhance my own name. 
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Revealing Crucial Secrets of Carpet Cleaners 

I have been researching on carpet cleaners and the carpet cleaning industry for over 6 months and in my research I found that only 1 out of 29 cleaners are worth your effort and money. 
Here is a free guide to help you find a truly professional carpet cleaner and avoid following in their traps. 
Carpet Cleaners’ Dirty Tricks Revealed 

1. Quote a Cheap Price. Companies will entice you by providing very cheap quotes and once you hire them they will ask for all kinds of additional charges for even basic complete carpet cleaning. So don’t fall for such a trap.  

2. Pretend to be Certified and Licensed Cleaners. All companies will promise to send certified and licensed cleaners for carpet cleaning but most of them will pretend to have forgotten to bring their ID proof when they reach your doorstep. Be careful in not letting them in because no professional will come without an ID. 

3. Only Verbal Guarantee and Nothing in Writing. Stay AWAY from those carpet cleaning companies that offer no written guarantee and only claim to give full guarantee. Always ask for written guarantee to ensure your money is in safe hands. 

4. Lies, Lies, and Lies! There are many more lies that you will hear apart from all the above-mentioned things. Be careful in finding the real truth behind these lies and keep your eyes open always while making a decision. 

When looking for a true carpet cleaner you need to know that the cleaning industry is un-regulated. This is the main reason why fake companies are able to do their fraud business without being caught. If the industry becomes regulated then things will change drastically but till that day you have to be very careful in picking up the best carpet cleaner for yourself! Keep the information provided in this article with you and stay alert in making a wise decision. 

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  1. Dear Jonathan Reed, 27.1.16
    I don't agree whatsoever, with your recommendation of VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. I have had my 3 rugs so called ‘cleaned’ by VIP and I experienced all the things you suggested to avoid with prospective carpet cleaning companies. The rugs were not cleaned properly and I ended up paying double the quote for a "Deluxe' Clean that left my rugs damp for days and areas of the rugs missing the cleaning process completely. The larger rug has chemical streak marks on it that were not properly treated. The cleaners were in a rush and assured me they would come back if I wasn't happy with the result when the rugs dried. Alex the person I booked the job with said "he just booked the jobs and didn't take complaints. He also didn't know the name of his manager which was quite unbelievable. I was told to send a complaint in an email, which I did. The email bounced back. I then received a receipt in an email stating – ‘there was to be no revisit to this job because the rugs were old and worn, and no refund’. The products and the service provided by VIP Cleaning Services were of an unacceptable and unsatisfactory quality. Their website is down and I can't get in touch with them. I would like a total refund of my $200 I paid for a discreditable service. Unlike you suggest Jonathon Reed, Buyer Beware of these dodgy cleaning companies that subcontract their jobs out, offer cheap quotes and then add on extras and do not provide – guarantees, certificates, business cards, receipts and follow up service. A total rip off.