Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How to Choose The Best Tile Cleaner

How to Choose The Best Tile Cleaner 
From the desk of: James Carlson

Throughout my career of 15 years in the cleaning industry as a licensed and certified tile and grout cleaner, I have seen people getting puzzled when choosing the right tile cleaner for their precious floors. 

I have noticed that most people make the judgment solely on the Price quoted by a tile cleaning company. I understand though that price is important but it should be somewhere down in the list when finding the best tile cleaner in Melbourne. It is advisable to choose a genuine and professional tile cleaner that can rejuvenate your floors in the finest possible way rather than opting for a cheap cleaning service. 

The Five Basic Things you need to take into consideration before hiring a tile cleaner in Melbourne are:  
  1. Ask the relevant questions... for instance if you have an antique or unusual tile then ask if the company can take care of the same. 
  2. What is the written guarantee for tile and grout cleaning? 
  3. What does the company do in case you are not satisfied with the service? 
  4. Does the company hire licensed and certified tile cleaners?
  5. Is the tile cleaning service insured and bonded?  
  6. How many years of experience does the company have in tile cleaning? 
  7. Can the company provide a customized plan for your specific requirements?
Most companies out there will try to please you with all sorts of pleasing answers to these questions but it is responsibility to check the facts before you hire a company for your floors. 

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Revealing Some Imperative Secrets 
Here some cheap and dirty tricks used by numerous companies to attract customers and make money through them WITHOUT providing a professional cleaning service: 

1. Experienced Cleaners – The foremost important thing is to check the authenticity of the industry experience of a tile and grout cleaning company before you hire one. If a company says they have ample experience, check their registration documents to believe the facts. Also, don’t let your floors be cleaned by unlicensed cleaners; any cleaner who does not carry the ID proof for their license and certification is worth suspecting! 

2. Cheap Quotation – You will be surprised to know that some of the tile cleaners will actually give you 1/10th quote of what you get from others. Don’t be happy but be suspicious of such a company and dig in deeper to find out what’s the bait for such a cheap price. Always remember that a nice tile and grout cleaning service will not come at a very cheap price. 

3. Only Verbal Guarantee – If you don’t get written guarantee for tile cleaning service from a company in Melbourne, simply AVOID being in contact with them.  

A customer has to know that the cleaning industry is un-regulated which is why you can’t trust any company blindly. Keep your eyes open and be alert then only you will be able to choose the best tile cleaner in Melbourne! 


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