Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

How to Choose The Best Mattress Cleaner 
From the desk of: Jared Brown

Are you looking for a professional mattress cleaner in Melbourne? As an ex-mattress cleaner (licensed and certified), I have often come across people getting confused while choosing the best mattress cleaner for their mattresses. First of all, don’t go by the price being quoted to you for a mattress cleaning service as price alone can’t help you make the right decision.   
In this article, I discuss what all you need to take into consideration while choosing the best mattress cleaning company in Melbourne:  
  1. What kind of cleaning methods they use for cleaning mattresses?
  2. Do they offer guarantee for their mattress cleaning services? 
  3. Are their mattress cleaners licensed and trained? 
  4. Are their mattress-cleaning services insured and bonded? 
  5. What will they do if you are unsatisfied with the service provided?
  6. Can they provide referrals from their customers? 
  7. Can they give a few reasons why you should hire them? 
Any company that does not have feedback from their customers is either too lethargic to get feedback or does not provide good-enough service to acquire decent reviews. So be careful! 

For those of you who wish to know my personal recommendation after spending some 15 years in the industry, here is the answer. I recommend VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. This is a versatile company offering all sorts of cleaning services with utmost professionalism. 

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Exposing Important Secrets of Mattress Cleaning Companies 
I have been doing personal research on mattress cleaning companies and the cleaning industry for almost 6 months now. And my conclusion is that most of them are not reliable. Now what is the chance of a layman to find out the best mattress cleaning company without falling into the traps of the fake companies? Very little! So here I expose some cheap tricks played by mattress cleaners to make money and cheat people in Melbourne: 
  1. No Guarantee in Writing – When you start searching for a mattress cleaner, you will come across many that will offer verbal guarantee but won’t give anything in writing. Simply stay away from such companies. They are in the market to do business and not provide customer service! 

  1. Giving an Inexpensive Quote – Most businesses try to entice customers by quoting a very cheap price. Be alert of very low prices as there are No Free Lunches! And when you want professional mattress cleaning, you need to spend a good amount of money. 

  1. No Licensed Cleaners – Would you believe anyone who shows up at your doorstep claiming to be a professional cleaner and give your mattresses to them? Don’t do that ever even if someone says they forgot to carry their ID proof. Amateurs can ruin your expensive bedding! 

  1. Only Verbal Commitments – Don’t be convinced with any verbal commitment. Whether it is quote, customer service, or guarantee. Ask for written documents for complete services and final, all inclusive, price before you give the go-ahead signal to any mattress cleaning company in Melbourne.  

Finding a truly professional, experienced, and genuine mattress cleaner in Melbourne could be tough as they are so many in the market. But the task is quite achievable if you keep all the above mentioned fundamentals in mind!  

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